Chicago, IL 60617


Annunciata Parish and School


Annunciata Church 

11128 S. Avenue G.

Office Hours
Rectory Office is open:
Monday  9:00am - 12:00pm (Closed) 

               1:00pm -4:00pm
Tuesday - Friday:

              9:00am - 12:00pm

              1:00pm - 4:00pm

 Saturday, Sunday, Major Feast Days & Holidays: CLOSED​

Parish Rectory:  773-221-1040

(Fax: 773-221-1556)

In case of emergency, please call:  773-221-1043

Parish Staff

  • Fr. Walter Yepes  ext. *725
  • Fr. Francisco Luna ext. *724

School Principal: Ms. Linda Moscinski, 773-375-5711

School Secretary, Chris Ledesma, 773-375-5711
Religious Education: Estolia Sandoval, 773-221-1040 
Music Director: 
Operations Director: Maribel Sandoval Muniz, ext. *732
Office Manager: Melanie Wiejak, ext. *723
Secretary/Bulletin Editor: Luisa Villegas, ext. *721
RCIA: Mary Therese Meyer, ext. *721

Spred Progam: Eleanor Ulazek, ext. *721

Bereavement: Sister Ann Marie Caporale, OSM, ext. *721

Services / Servicios

Sunday Masses / Misas del Domingo: 
Sat. 5:00 PM (ENG), Sun. 10:00 AM (ENG), 12:00 PM (ESP)

Weekdays:  Tuesday-Saturday  7:30 AM (ENG)

Durante la Semana:  Martes - Sabado 8:30 AM (ESP)

St. Peregrine / San Peregrino 
ENG - 1st Sat of every month after 5:00pm Mass
ESP - 1 domingo del mes después de la misa de 12:00 PM

Reconciliation / Reconciliación: 

Saturday/Sabados  4:00 PM

Sacrament of the Sick / Unción para los Enfermos :  
ENG - Please call for a priest when a person becomes seriously ill or when they have entered a hospital.
ESP - Favor llamen la oficina parroqial cuando un ser querrido se enferma o entra en el hospital.

Baptisms / Bautismos:

ENG -10:00 AM - First and Third Saturday of the month; Please call rectory at least one month in advance to make arrangements.
ESP - 10:00 AM - el segundo y cuarto sabado del mes; Favor llamen a la oficina parroquial para empezar el proceso.

Marriage / Matrimonio: 

ENG - 6 months prior notice; call for appointment.
ESP - Favor llamen a la oficina parroquial 6 meses antes de la boda para empezar el proceso.